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Brooklyn Tins by Merci for NLXL

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Brooklyn Tins Wall & Ceilingpaper by Merci
We need to go back to 2009 to find out the story behind Brooklyn Tins Wall & Ceilingpaper. That was the year that MERCI was opened in the artistic quarter of Paris. MERCI is a remarkable hotspot, a combination of a store concept including three cafes and a few restaurants. Everything is quite vintage, including the furnishing and the items for sale there. No wonder that MERCI is now world famous and particularly attracts artists from all over the place...

The striking pewter counter in hip MERCI is especially eye-catching. Not a day passes by without people taking pictures of it. Some make a bid on it right away. Jean-Luc Colonna d’Istria - managing director of MERCI – chose this vintage decoration very deliberately. He knew it would go down very well with visitors and wanted to create a wallcovering collection based on that theme. Brooklyn Tins Wall & Ceilingpaper became a reality.

Alternative to plasterTin ceilings – which make up this collection - were very popular in America in the 19th century. Between 1890 and 1930, there were fewer than 45 factories that made such ceilings. Most were located in Ohio, Pennsylvania and NewYork. These were tin plates embossed with a pattern which was subsequently painted. They served as an inexpensive alternative to handcrafted or sculpted plaster that was used in European homes.

American ceilingsBrooklyn Tins Wall & Ceilingpaper was inspired by old-fashioned American ceilings. And you’ve got to admit that they’re very ‘true to life’. You can tell by the patterns that they are ‘old’ and many of them have bumps, flaking paint and traces of moisture and rust. Most versions are fairly light in colour – they had to be because interiors used to be quite dark. Beige, cream, sandy colours and light grey and two lovely pastel colours, baby pink and pistachio green were particularly popular. The two dark varieties stand out, especially since one of them has an extra sheen of gold.

Fantastic product‘We had to do something with this fantastic product. Brooklyn Wall Tins & Ceilingpaper is a guaranteed hit!’ says MERCI.

Brooklyn Tins Wall & Ceilingpaper is non-woven wallpaper that is very easy to install. And it’s washable. This collection has eight references and is 10m long and 49cm wide. This wallcovering has no real pattern and there are no repetitions which means you don’t waste any of the paper. The rolls are of course identical. Arte distributes this collection in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany.



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